I offer a broad range of domestic and commercial PHOTOGRAPHY services, plus a limited range of VIDEOGRAPHY services for various small projects including business profiles etc. This website used to be the showcase for my photogaphy work, but now it is the jumping off point into separate websites that are genre-specific now that my work has expanded. I plan on adding a landscape photography page to showcase that work and to offer prints for sale. In the mean time, enjoy my brief selection from the Landscapes page of this site.

Visit my Photography Page for an index  of websites/brands to do with stills photography.

Visit my User Friendly Films website to learn more about professional services for video productions.

Please bear with me as all of these sites are still in their construction phase.

It is worth mentioning that for anyone interested in one of the above services for integration into their online presence, my background prior to this was in IT (database design and web development). So whilst not offering IT services specifically, I can consult on technical strategies for online publication of the photo and video content produced for your business. I also plan on creating a music production blog since I have taken an interest in computer based music creation and mixing with a view to creating custom film tracks for videos.

Please feel free to contact me directly if there is something you think I can help you with.