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Please don’t hesitate to call me for any questions you may have or to request a quote for a simple job. For more complex work, you may call me to arrange for a free consultation.

mobile: 0412 235 575
email me: info@terencekearns.com

More than just a Photographer

This is the part where I pretend somebody else is talking about me in 3rd person narrative to create an artificial sense of social proof through referred credibility. Actually, no, never mind that. Firstly, I am a family man with a wonderful partner (who is also an accomplished photographer amongst many other things), three kids of my own, and step dad to another three.

I’ve been doing photography commercially since 2007. I do it because I am following my passion and I enjoy the unique challenges presented by commercial photography. I’m in my mid-40s, and I have a pretty good idea of how businesses are outcome-focused and results-focused. I enjoy that aspect – of collaborating with my customers to obtain their goals by sharing in their vision. Digital Photography draws on my background in IT. When working with clients, I find that I can give a lot of valuable advice for implementing the photos or videos into complex solutions such as online virtual tours for example. Before choosing to pursue photography (my passion), I spent 10 years as a web developer specializing in database design. Much of that time I was as a freelance contractor. These days, I use those skills to implement customized websites in WordPress. I am also interested in doing “full-stack web development in Javascript” using frameworks like Meteor and Angular 2. I have separate brands/websites for Wedding Photography, General Portraiture, Head-Shot Photography, and Newborn Photography. I can also professionally record and produce videos for my clients. I often help them with a strategy for including it in their online presence (across providers such as youtube, vimeo, or facebook). I have a separate website showcasing that service. Over the last few years, I have taught myself digital audio and music production. I use these skills when putting together custom soundtracks for video productions. Audio is half of any video production and is often neglected. Below is a list of technologies I employ in the course of provisioning the above services:

  • Adobe Lightroom: For tethered capture, cataloging, RAW file image preparation and export of images (Previously Bibble Pro (now called Corel Aftershot Pro), also investigating Capture ONE).
  • Adobe Photoshop: For deep editing, skin retouching, colour correction, compositing, special effects, and image manipulation.
  • Pro-Show Producer: For combining photographs, video clips, and soundtracks to produce video slideshow presentations.
  • Davinci Resolve and/or Lightworks (Editing video, green screening, colour grading) (previously used Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects).
  • Ableton Live, Harrison Mixbus, Reaper Audio, Audacity for music and audio  production
  • WordPress, Koken, PHP, JavaScript (Node.JS, jQuery), CSS, XUL, XHTML, HTML5, XML (Schema, XSL-T, XPath) for web development
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS Sql, MySQL, MiniSQL, SQLite) for database design
  • Code editors: Eclipse IDE, Webstorm, Sublime, Atom, Brackets, vim
  • Ionic for mobile apps development

Passion and creativity never gets old – which is why I pursued and achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (at the University of Canberra) one year after leaving school. I’ve always had both creative and technical instincts, and now this service gives me a platform to direct those energies into helping others achieve their potential.